Module is containing all necessary global variables for the package.

Module also has the ability to read user-defined data from following paths:

  • SETTINGS_PATH env variable file pointer to .json file.

See _SETTINGS_PATH for details.


When the first path is found, others is ignored.

Example of the configuration file ($HOME/webarchive/wa_kat.json):

    "WEB_ADDR": "",
    "WEB_PORT": 80

Example of starting the program with env variable:

export WA_KAT_SETTINGS="/tmp/conf.json"; bin/


wa_kat.settings.DB_CACHE_TIME = 1800

ZEO cache time - 30 minutes.

wa_kat.settings.DB_MAX_WAIT_TIME = 300

Time after which the processing is restarted. 5m

wa_kat.settings.WEB_ADDR = ''

Address where the webserver should listen.

wa_kat.settings.WEB_PORT = 8080

Port for the webserver.

wa_kat.settings.WEB_SERVER = 'paste'

Use paste for threading.

wa_kat.settings.WEB_DEBUG = False

Turn on web debug messages?

wa_kat.settings.WEB_RELOADER = False

Turn on reloader for webserver?

wa_kat.settings.WEB_BE_QUIET = False

Be quiet and don’t emit debug messages to terminal.

wa_kat.settings.SEEDER_INFO_URL = ''

Settings for the Seeder API

wa_kat.settings.SEEDER_TOKEN = ''

Token for the Seeder API

wa_kat.settings.SEEDER_TIMEOUT = 5

How long to wait for the Seeder.

wa_kat.settings.TIMEOUT_MESSAGE = 'Po\xc5\xbeadovanou str\xc3\xa1nku nebylo mo\xc5\xben\xc3\xa9 st\xc3\xa1hnout. Zkuste zadat URL s www.'

Error message in case that the analysis timeouted.

wa_kat.settings.REQUEST_TIMEOUT = 5

How long to wait until the analysed page loads.

wa_kat.settings.GUI_TO_REST_PERIODE = 2

How often check the REST API.

wa_kat.settings.WHOIS_URL = ''

Whois URL

wa_kat.settings.NTK_ALEPH_URL = ''

URL to the NTK aleph.

wa_kat.settings.USER_AGENT = ' catalogization tool WA-KAT.'

User agent used in analysis.

wa_kat.settings.API_PATH = '/api_v1/'

Path for the REST API.

wa_kat.settings.ERROR_LOG_PATH = '/tmp/wa-kat.log'

Path to the local logfile.

wa_kat.settings.LOG_UDP_ADDR = ''

Address of the log server.

wa_kat.settings.LOG_UDP_PORT = 32000

Port for logging.

wa_kat.settings.SENTRY_DSN = ''

Sentry DSN string. You may find this in Sentry.

wa_kat.settings.LOG_TO_FILE = True

Should logs go into the ERROR_LOG_PATH?

wa_kat.settings.LOG_VIA_UDP = True

Should logs go to the log server?

wa_kat.settings.LOG_TO_STDOUT = False

Should logs go to the stdout?

wa_kat.settings.LOG_TO_SENTRY = True

Should logs go to Sentry?